Salford Hundred

The Salford Hundred (also known as Salfordshire) was one of the subdivisions of the historic county of Lancashire. Its name alludes to its judicial centre being the township of Salford (the suffix -shire meaning the territory was appropriated to the prefixed settlement). It was also known as the Royal Manor of Salford and the Salford wapentake.

The Manor or Hundred of Salford had Anglo-Saxon origins. The Domesday Book recorded that the area was held in 1066 by Edward the Confessor. Salford was recorded as part of the territory of Inter Ripam et Mersam or “Between Ribble and Mersey”, and it was included with the information about Cheshire, though it cannot be said clearly to have been part of Cheshire.

The area became a subdivision of the County Palatine of Lancaster (or Lancashire) on its creation in 1182.

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