Exploring the ‘A34’

Along the wayside between Manchester, Oxford and Southampton

In the Steps of John Ogilby – 1675

John Ogilby was a most resourceful character – and in the 1670s he undertook a mapping tour of England, creating an atlas called ‘Britannia’ which brought the word ‘road’ into common usage, replacing ‘Highway’. [Although we still use that term for our road construction and maintenance people, who repair ‘carriageways’]
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Can we create something as interesting and informative about the route from Manchester to Oxford and thence to Southampton?? Contributions from anyone greatly welcomed! Let’s be worthy successors to John Ogilby – we have so much modern technology at our disposal…

The Milestone Society’s members care about those quirky lumps of stone and rusting metal sitting quietly by the wayside and appreciate their historic significance. You can find more more about the history of milestones and about restoration techniques, about our activities and our publications, on our website, www.MilestoneSociety.co.uk

But first, please explore the ‘A34’ !!